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Wild Icelandic Horses
Image by Helena Lopes
Image by shahir shah
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A v special day this time last year when

An excellent activity for those of us who enjoy the great outdoors on horseback. No matter what your ability, we have a horse suitable for you to take on a leisurely hack around our land.

Nature, at its best a great way to beat the stress of everyday life!

No matter what the weather, the fun never stops here in Kilronan.

Our large indoor arena allows us to keep riding despite the weather. Spacious, well lit and with a superb surface you and your horse can train all year round.

We have a full set of show jumps, and the arena is available to hire once booked in advance.

Facilities in Kilronan Equestrian Centre

Large Outdoor Sand Arena

For those sunnier days, it is nice to be able to ride outdoors and still feel secure. Riding in the outdoor is a great way to get used to being out with your horse and feeling the sun on your back..

Derby Field

A beautiful gem in the crown of Kilronan Equestrian Centre as it is an exceptional space with banks, rivers and hedges.

Allowing for fun and also for competition training!


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